“At the age of 38, I applied to medical school. I am confident that without the exceptionally dedicated, detail-oriented, personalized help I received from My Essay Editor, I would not have been accepted to medical school this fall. I am thrilled with the help I received from My Essay Editor.”

T. A., Michigan

Stand out from the crowd.


Q: How do I begin the editorial process?
A:  Send an email to info@myessayeditor.com to let me know which package you’d like and your desired timeframe. I will email back with a confirmation that I’m ready to receive your files.  Payment must take place before the work can begin.

Q: I sent the email at midnight but didn’t get confirmation. Now what?
A: Please be patient. Email will generally NOT be checked between 10pm and 7am.  Your editor needs rest in order to do the best possible work for you!

Q: I’m concerned about the Priority Rush Service.  How can all this be done in 12 hours?
A: You have to be prepared to stick close to your email so that we can exchange drafts efficiently. I keep a detailed log of draft arrival times and revised draft send times so we can keep the process moving.

Q: How does the telephone consultation work?
A: We will communicate via email to determine a mutually convenient time. I will call you so that together we can improve your writing.  Please have your texts available so that we can discuss the edits in an efficient manner.

Q: What else do you need besides my text?
A: I will need the essay prompt and character/word length limits to help ensure that your essay fits the application’s parameters.

Q: What if something comes up and I miss your email?
A: It is best to begin this process when you are sure you have the time to devote to it. Missed emails from your end or failure to return a draft to me in a timely fashion will not entitle you to a refund if turnaround time is exceeded.  It is your responsibility to be attentive to the editorial process in order for it to be successful. That being said, if you email me immediately upon suspecting a delay I will do my best to work with your situation.

Q: I took too long to return a draft and now my turnaround time is over.  What happens now?
A: I will make every effort to complete the work on your editing package in a timely fashion.  However, if your turnaround time ends before the final drafts are exchanged due to your delay, you must be prepared to wait until other priority jobs are finished.  Once again, you must be committed to sticking close to your email to minimize downtime.